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Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist 

So whether you are currently pregnant, feeling the loss of core control from aging or postpartum (by the way, you are always in a phase of postpartum no matter how long ago you had your baby), these core rehabilitation classes are for you! We work on strengthening the entire core and tap into issues with the pelvic floor and abdominals including urinary incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, etc. as well as exercises to prepare for labor and delivery. 

When most people think of their core muscles, they picture the ‘“six-pack abs”, but your core is actually a kinetic chain that includes multiple muscles that wrap around your torso from the top of your ribcage down through your transverse abs and include your pelvic floor, through to your hip flexors, inner thighs and glutes. These muscles stabilize the spine and power every muscle movement in the body. 

During prenatal and postpartum core fitness classes we work these muscles together with deep core breath work to reconnect you to utilizing your core for functional total body exercises.

Most women will experience a loss of strength and a connection to their core during many phases of life. Not only during prenatal and postpartum phases, but during the process of physically aging as well. Pregnancy demands a lot from a woman’s body. Growing a baby is not kind to your midsection. Postpartum phases can be challenging both mentally and physically while you are trying to recover from the different deliveries of babies. It can leave you with real issues in the pelvic floor. 

Not sure if you need this class? Here are some common signs of a weak core:

Back pain, poor posture, issues with balance, urinary incontinence, leaking, rib flare and even bowel issues. 


I really feel like all the prep and pelvic floor work helped tremendously with his birth. I had to go with no epidural and I was so connected to what I was doing during labor and delivery. I was up walking around, sitting and standing an hour later. I’m really happy I focused in on the pelvic floor work with the prenatal core class throughout my pregnancy.

Liz, Prenatal and Postnatal Client

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