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Stroller Strong Mamas

Mommy and Me Fitness

Located on the North Fork of Long Island

 MOMMY AND ME FITNESS is designed to help moms through physical exercise while providing encouragement and support. We are a STRONG MOM TRIBE. We LEAD BY EXAMPLE and workout with our kids. Little eyes are always watching and learning by what they see you do! 


I am currently hosting virtual zoom fitness classes, indoor classes at BodyRite Training and outdoor Stroller Strong Mamas classes at local locations. Classes change seasonally so be sure to check out the online schedule for all classes!


About Classes

What to expect at all Stroller Strong Mamas classes:

  • A Strong Tribe of Moms and Dads with a passion for fitness.

  • Parenting chit-chat, advice and laughs.

  • Kids of all ages playing, socializing and working right along side us. 

  • A no judgement zone for all the crying babies, toddler tantrums and all the unpredictable things kids bring with them. 

  • A community of supportive and understanding friends.

  • An hour long cardio and strengthening class. This is not a "walk in the park." It is an intense workout that can be modified or advanced based on your fitness level.

  • Did I mention, your first outdoor class free?! 

  • Find us outdoors, indoors and virtually!

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Can I join classes while I'm pregnant? 

Yes! With modifications and Dr clearance, you can absolutely join us! I am certified for prenatal and postpartum fitness and here to help you keep a fit pregnancy! 


Can I come to class without a stroller? Can I come to class without kids? 

Yes! Any class can be done without a stroller and without kids!


What age children come to class?

All ages! We have everything from 6 weeks old in the stroller to 16 years old on a bike riding along and working out with us. Everyone of all ages is welcome.


I am a beginner or out of practice, will I be okay in class? 

YES! All levels of fitness are welcome to join us as there are modifications or advancements for absolutely everything we do. If you are new to working out, newly postpartum or just out of practice, we will work with you to start slowly and safely. 

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