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For the LOVE of Fitness- February Challenge

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New Year 2024

Here's a totally body workout using just body weight. No equipment needed so you can do this anywhere!

Stretch the whole body

Warm up:

30s each x 3 rounds

Jog or March in place

Side shuffles or side steps

Air squats

Cardio blast

10 each x 3-5 rounds

Jumping Jacks

Squat touchdowns

Mountain climbers (count on one leg)

Knee thrusters on each leg

Bodyweight set

10 each x 3-5 rounds

Walking lunges (count 5 on each leg)

Push up shoulder taps

Squat knee lifts

Triceps dips

Leg lift reverse crunches

Finisher: wall sit (max hold- how long can you hold!)

Anya Swiss


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