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For the LOVE of Fitness- February Challenge

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New Year 2024

Here's a workout idea to get in this weekend if you can't make it to a class! All you need is a towel :)

Towel Workout- Interval Training

Warm/ Stretch for a few minutes!

Put the timer on 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest (you can easily download an interval timer app or use a stopwatch)


-Towel slams

-Forward lunges with figure 8s

-Rainbow slams

-Squat with overhead press

-Rainbow russian twists

-Towel pass single leg crunches

-Plank over the back passes in one direction

-Other direction in plank

-Recovery interval or take the challenge move (Challenge move -full body crunches with towel over and under)

Repeat this 6 minute set at least 4-5 times for your 30 minutes of movement! This is one set on this video. Feel free to rewind it and follow along with me over and over again!



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