Outdoor Stroller Classes

We start with a jog/walk and stop to use the environment around the park to work functional exercises and hit a whole body workout! Bring kiddos of any ages in or out of the stroller. All levels of fitness welcome as there are always modifications and advancements for anything we do!

Please bring a yoga mat to use for ground work.

Bootcamp in the Vines

Join me as we workout among the vines of the North Fork's newest Winery and Vineyard at Terra Vite. Bring your own weights (5-10 lbs) and a yoga mat to work functional exercises, hit some cardio bursts and strength training for a total body bootcamp workout! Bring kids of any ages in or out of a stroller. All levels of fitness welcome as there are always modifications and advancements for anything we do. 

As a client of Stroller Strong Mamas, you will receive 15% off your visit to Terra Vite Winery & Vineyard. Stay after class and enjoy yourself or come back another time by making a reservation through their website www.terravitevineyard.com. Be sure to mention Stroller Strong Mamas at purchase. Discount is valid within one week of your class attended at Terra Vite.

Virtual Classes

45 minute virtual at-home workout through zoom. Expect strength training, cardio blasts, core work and more! Every class is different and we will always work total body! Weights are almost always needed as well as a mat. 

Join me live at 5:30 am Tuesdays and Fridays. You will also receive the recorded video to use at your own convenience! Videos are valid for at least 6 months. 


This class is for all! Mamas, kids and anyone looking to work out! Designed for all fitness levels as there are advancements and modifications for everything that we do. We will work blasts of cardio combined with Strength Training with equipment for a full body workout. 

Body Strong Indoor Class

Join Kelly for a mommy and me Barre class! Bring your kids in or out of the stroller, a yoga mat, and a light pair of weights (1-3 lbs).    

Barre is a total body workout that fuses techniques from dance and Pilates that will help tone and define the whole body. H.i.i.t. cardio blasts will keep your heart rate up! Meet us at the usual parking lot and be ready for a small warm up jog. 

Outdoor Stroller Barre

Get ready for strength training bootcamp with cardio, battle ropes, kettlebells, sprints, weights and more fun circuit style cross training. No need to bring any equipment with you! Class is located in my backyard/driveway (Sound Ave in Riverhead) - exact address and directions will be sent to participants in an email or text an hour before class begins. I have tons of toys for the kids to entertain themselves right alongside our workout! 

Backyard Bootcamp