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Mar 1, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024

March Madness Miles

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This month's challenge is a kickback fundraiser for the Northwell Health Walk we are doing May 19. All proceeds will be donated to the Stroller Strong Mamas team for the walk. All funds raised support Peconic Bay Medical Center’s Breast Health Program and the new Center for Women and Infants. I have the privilege of being on the committee for the event and being a sponsor. We walked in this walk last year and it was a great morning. I even got to lead the warm up for the whole event. I look forward to it again this year. Register for the walk and join the Stroller Strong Mamas; We are going to challenge ourselves to accumulate the most miles; running, walking or cycling this month! Get on that bike or treadmill or get outside and walk on your lunch break. Let's take advantage of spring weather coming and daylight savings starting. Longer daylight hours means we can make more time to get out and moving. Outdoor sports are beginning, you can walk while the kids play sports, earlier sunrise means you can walk the dog before work, take the kids on a walk after dinner, get up and jump on that spin bike or treadmill or go rollerblading or ice skating! It all counts this month towards your miles for March Madness. The participant with the most miles at the end of the month will win a Stroller Strong Mamas gear of choice. Need more motivation? Set a goal on day one of how many miles you want to complete! Example- 20 miles walking, 500 miles cycling, 30 miles running, etc. Please note; these miles can be over the course of the day too- park farther and walk more, get up from your desk and walk while you're on a phone call. Check out the miles completed at the end of the day using a tracker like a watch or your phone. Feel free to mark the miles here on the challenge app or on the printable calendar. Send the calendar to me by April 1.

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March Madness Miles

March Madness Miles

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